Hands Stained with Grease

On August 23, Juche 38 (1949), the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung visited a factory. After looking round the factory, he stopped before a worker immersed in welding despite hot weather.

Sensing a sign of somebody being around, the welder pushed off the face shield and looked up. 

Surprised to see Comrade Kim Il Sung standing before him, he stood up.

Saying that he was doing a good job of it, Comrade Kim Il Sung reached out his hand.

But the welder stepped back, hiding his hand behind his back. It was because his hands were stained with grease.

Holding the worker’s hands warmly, he said with a benign smile: Don’t be nervous; my hands are stained with grease, too.

Indeed, Comrade Kim Il Sung approached workers in a simple and unceremonious manner.