Declined Request of the Doctor

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung always granted the request and demand of his doctor.

Officials concerned who had trouble ensuring his safety had a plan to solve one of their knotty problems by relying on the special position of the doctor.

The plan was to have the doctor dissuade Comrade Kim Il Sung from going into workshops emitting harmful gases when he inspected factories and enterprises.

The initiator of the plan was a veteran of the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by Comrade Kim Il Sung.

One day the doctor, at the order of the veteran, said to the leader that as he was advanced in years he should not go into places containing harmful gases any more.

After a while of deep thought, Comrade Kim Il Sung said: I am grateful to you; but if I do as you told me to, I may end up being a nobleman in the past; I do not want to be like noblemen who used to separate themselves from the people; I must go into all the places emitting gases and find them a way for addressing the problem.

After all, the doctor’s request was declined and officials’ plan came to naught.