Calculate Later 

On February 24, Juche 69 (1980), the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il visited the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital prior to its inauguration.

That day he walked round various places of the hospital and said with satisfaction that it was built excellently.

When the construction of the hospital started, officials concerned planned to install about 500 beds in the hospital and thought that then it would be a world-class hospital as one of the biggest maternity hospital in a European country had about 450 beds.

So, planning 500 beds could be considered a bold decision, so to speak.

But Comrade Kim Jong Il said to the officials that the maternity hospital to be built must have at least 1 500 beds—1 000 for adults and 500 for babies.

The officials told him that an increase of the number of beds would lead to an increase of the number of incubators and that if more incubators were to be imported, the foreign currency budget limit would be exceeded, adding that the planned number of beds was enough for the hospital to deal with premature and immature babies to be born in it.

But he dug his heels in. He said: Still, we should buy more. We have never been tight-fisted when it comes to the good of the children. We can calculate the cost after equipping the hospital with all necessary things.

List of equipment was revised immediately.

Later, exorbitantly expensive incubators and thousands of other sophisticated equipment were imported.

One of them was for diagnosing rare diseases and its cost was equivalent to that of tens of luxury cars combined.