Motive Force

One day in September Juche 40 (1951) the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung visited the soldiers at Height 1211 through a hail of bullets.

After gazing at the ridges and valleys through binoculars, he stressed the need to turn the height into an impregnable fortress and to raise the morale of the soldiers by improving political work and supply services and take good care of the soldiers. 

Later, he called the commanding officer of the unit on the phone and told him to provide the soldiers with warm rice and soup and heated rooms as the weather was getting colder, saying that they were the valuable treasures and revolutionary comrades-in-arms who could not be bartered for anything.

One day he dispatched officials to local areas on a mission to organize the work of sending letters to soldiers on the front and took the measure of installing post boxes in the Korean People’s Army units so that the soldiers on the front could hear from their families.

Indeed, his fatherly care was the motive force behind the heroic feats the soldiers on Height 1211 performed in repulsing the repeated enemy attacks and defending the height to the last.