To Save a Man

One day in June Juche 69 (1980) Chairman Kim Jong Il was reported that the health of a journalist at a publishing house was in danger.

While asking what kind of emergency measure was being taken for him and what was needed for the treatment, he learned that a latest artificial kidney was needed. He saw to it that all measures possible at home were taken, and said that the artificial organ should be bought as soon as possible irrespective of its price.

Immediately, an urgent project was conducted to save a man; a plane flew to transport the apparatus, and a car at a diplomatic mission abroad ran to a neighbouring country for necessary accessories. 

Witnessing an unprecedented, surprising event, the staff of an airport in the country asked the officials of the DPRK embassy whether a cadre of their country had fallen ill. When they learned that the patient was a journalist, they were struck dumb. 

Thanks to Kim Jong Il’s care, the journalist could be snatched from the jaws of death.