Nursery Laid out in Venue of Meeting

The following happened in February Juche 36 (1947), when a conference of the north Korean provincial, city and county people’s committees was being held. On being informed that some women delegates had brought children with them, the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung saw to it that a nursery was laid out on the first floor of the theatre which was the venue of the conference. 

During the second break time of the conference on the 21st, Kim Il Sung visited the nursery. After receiving the nurse’s greeting, he, with a bright smile, inquired if the children’s room was not cold and if there was any child who was ill. Then he asked the nurse to take good care of the children lest they should cry and to feed them nutrient foods like milk and cake as a snack. 

He emphasized that children should be given warm milk in time and cold food should not be given to them. Looking to the playful children with satisfaction for a while, he asked the nurse again to take good care of the children during the conference. 

On hearing about his parental affection, the women participants were moved to tears.