Research and development of scores of medicines contributing to health promotion of the people

Medical and biological institute of the Academy of Medical Science, DPRK is vigorously carrying out scientific research work for the health promotion of the people.

Recently the staff and researchers of the institute, with a single idea of upholding the health policies of the Party with practical successes, has made researches and developed scores of effective medicines for the treatment of incurable diseases through biological methods.

While putting priority attention to the work of building up its own strong science and technical forces including the training of talented persons, the institute pushed ahead with research and development work with purpose and vision.

During the course of this, the staff and researchers of the institute pursued and devoted great enthusiasm to develop medicines which are significant in the prevention and treatment of thrombosis.

In addition, they had been successful in developing vaccines for recombinant viral hepatic diseases with high rate of viral suppression and without adverse effects on human bodies. They have also made achievements in science and research work which include manufacturing of biochips and the establishment of testing for the diagnosis of different viral hepatitis.

The vaccines against hepatitis C developed by research team of the institute are actively contributing to the implementation of the Party’s policies on preventive health care.

Injections for the treatment of leukopenia, inhibitors against viral increase of hepatitis and injections which are effective for the treatment of incurable diseases etc. are producing effects in the clinical practice.

The staff and researchers of institute are dedicating their wisdom and zeal for the development of pharmaceutical industry and research and development of increased medicines for health promotion of people continuing thinking and study to turn scientific research work into the development and creation based one.