“COVID-19” prevention expanded to the whole social work

In DPR Korea, the work to prevent the “COVID – 19” has expanded as a whole social campaign.
The relevant official said that everyone is encouraged to take an active role in the work to prevent “COVID – 19”with the highest awareness as one cannot expect successes only with the effort from the emergency anti-epidemic commands or the medical workers.
Information on the global transmission situation and its risk, the infection and abnormal symptoms, medical knowledge in the prevention and etc. are regularly updated and the IEC activities by the mass media as TV, radio, publications, grand LED electric screens and so on is further strengthened.
The measures have taken for the timely actions to the abnormal syndromes as fever and so on.
Concerned health facilities with their close collaboration with the people’s government at each level are making their concrete observations on the situations in their regions for the rapid measures if needed.
Strong discipline and order for the absolute obedience to the guidance of the emergency anti-epidemic commands are established.
Attention is also paid not only to the sufficient provision of the medical consumables including PPEs, goggles and masks for the anti-epidemic works and living supplies but also for the encouragement of the people to keep frequent indoor ventilation and disinfection as well as to lead a favorable private lives.