Ryugyong Dental Hospital-the modern base of the medical service

Ryugyong Dental Hospital of the DPRK is a famous base of the medical service.

In the past 6 years since its opening, it has provided wonderful medical services to the numbers of patients.

During this period, hundreds of advanced remedies have been established,dental materials upgrading the treating effect newly developed, medical appliances and consumables invented and produced ,leading to a good results in the treatment of the patients.

Recently, they have made the research and development of the malocclusion treatment by the micro-implant and the mineral trioxide aggregation with the domestic raw materials and using it to the treatment of the patients as pulp reproducing materials.

Not only that, but they have completed the information system of the hospital, more upgrading the information-oriented level of the administrative and management operation of the hospital.

Numbers of publications such as “Orthodontics diagnosis and its treatment” have been published, contributing to the public health development and the education of the rising generation.

In this process, many doctors have been honoredwith academic degrees or titles.

The hospital, located at the Munsu district of Pyongyang, has been constructed by the direct initiative and detailed leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

He has personally appointed the site of the hospital and dispatched the construction forces, giving the wise leadership for the whole process of its construction.

The Supreme Leader paid his visit to the construction site in spite of the sultry weather in the hottest period of summer and heavy rainy days, giving instructions to the minutest detail for the hospital construction and its well operation.

On 23 September Juche 102(2013), he has once again paid the on-the-spot guidance to the hospital that is nearing its completing stage,praised that it has been constructed cozily with everything at the satisfaction and named the hospital.