Okryu Children’s Hospital

The six-storey Okryu Children’s Hospital with the total floor space of 32 800㎡ is a general medical centre for children located in the Munsu area of Pyongyang. Its construction started in March Juche 102 (2013), and the opening ceremony took place on October 13 of the same year. The ground and first floors of the hospital have outpatients’ diagnosing and treating departments with up-to-date appliances while the rest of the floors have a general operating theatre and inpatient treatment rooms.

The hospital also has an outdoor playing ground, a fountain and a helipad. On the façade of the entrance hall is an acrylic painting We Are the Happiest in the World.

The ground floor has an indoor lounge, and an indoor playing area with scores of amusement facilities. Such places can be found on other floors of the hospital. All the walls from the ground floor to the fifth floor are decorated with over 1 700 paintings to the liking of the children, resembling a children’s art museum or a palace in a fairytale.

The multipurpose X-ray in the X-ray room is equipped with a cutting-edge digital detector which gives the least possible X-ray to the patients while conducting examinations on a high level. Patients can get an examination at a super-high speed with a spiral CT in the CT room. The resolution and the quality of its test are tens of times higher than earlier equipment. The walls of the CT room are decorated with paintings so that children can feel at ease during treatment. MRI equipment is also the latest one.

The hospital also has classrooms for kindergarteners and primary and middle school students to get lessons—even if only a few of them want it while under in-patient care—plus a playing area for younger children. And there are relevant teachers.

The general operating theatre consists of two major surgical divisions where complex operations can be done on the heart, brain and others, and two minor surgical divisions. The walls of the theatre are all covered with anion panels which have antibacterial action.

The sickrooms are fully provided with necessary conveniences including TV and fridge.

Supreme Leader  Kim Jong Un, who treasures and takes so much care of the children, named the hospital Okryu Children’s Hospital as it is situated in the Munsu area skirted by the crystal-clear water of the Taedong River. After its opening he provided it with ambulances and other vehicles, and computers.

Thanks to his love for the rising generation such a wonderful children’s hospital came into existence.