An express plane in an irregular route for the revival of a patient

Once an official of the technical delegation to a country far way at the end of the Eurasian continent from the fatherland was severely ill with high fever and paraplegia.
At 3 am, 1st June Juche 68 (1979), Chairman Kim Jong Il received the report that the official was on the verge of death. He spent the whole night taking all sorts of measures to save his life.
The Chairman bestowed boundless love and sent a competent doctor immediately to bring him back to the fatherland and save his life at any cost.
The Chairman gave kind instructions again to take the fastest route possible regardless of expense instead of regular flights because the patient was in a critical condition.
Thanks to the endless love of the Chairman, the doctor managed to arrive at the destination within 4 days, which would have taken more than 10 days with a regular flight. The patient, almost dead already, could come back to the world again receiving the elixir of love.
The Chairman received daily reports on the health condition of the patient. And when he was informed that the patient had recovered his consciousness, he gave instructions again full of love and care to arrange the referral of the patient immediately to the fatherland without wasting any time.
He even made all the necessary efforts for the patient to return safely to the fatherland without any inconvenience by contacting all the Embassies of DPR Korea in the countries on the way.
Ambulances were there at the airport whenever the plane was passing, and our officials from the Embassy received and saw them off.
The foreigners on board were so impressed by the special arrangement of 6 seats for the patient that they held up their thumbs saying “Juche! Juche!”
When suddenly the plaine had to land on the half way at the nearest airport due to the worsened health condition of the patient, he appealed to please send him to the bosom of the Chairman as if yearning for the mother’s bosom.
At the moment when there was a voice from the doctor in a tone of command to the pilot to fly as it is, the patient felt a lump rise in his throat.
For a wonder, the patient who was suffering from a severe pain has fallen deep asleep, breathing fairly and the fever getting down when he was in the sky of the fatherland.
The miracle that saved his life in the difficult situation where the doctor or the medicine was helpless was the ardent love from the Chairman.
After returning to the fatherland, he has received the intensive care at the central hospital and eventually, went back to his revolutionary post again after his recovery.