From the People’s Standpoint

In December Juche 89 (2000) Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected the newly built Taedonggang Syringe Factory.

In the injection-moulding workshop he wore a quite satisfied smile seeing injection-moulding machines producing all kinds of syringe tubes and plungers.

Past the printing room where scales were printed on the tubes he went to the assembly shop where he acquainted himself with the deflection of syringe needles, and taught the ways and means to make good syringes.

He also examined trial products on display in the central hall. Mentioning that it is important for the factory to make nice syringe needles, he said that nice needles were essential to give injection to patients without causing pain.

After a while he said he would first try and have an injection using a syringe from the factory.

Like this he examined even a simple product from the standpoint of the people who would use them.