Being thoughtful of Health of Raftsmen

Chairman Kim Jong Il visited Samjiyon County (then) one day in early in Juche 60 (1971). Looking Rimyonsu dam, he instructed officials to carry more timber through the dam and take good care of the life of the raftsmen.

Exchanging greetings with the officials who came to greet him, the Chairman thanked them for taking trouble to come to greet him in the rain. He added that as the workers are working being exposed to the rain, he could not be under an umbrella.

Acquainting himself in detail about the life of the raftsmen, the Chairman  earnestly asked to make sure that solicitude shown by the Chairman for the raftsmen are conveyed to them.

That day he clarified the detailed orientation and ways for the officials to take good care of the rafters and in the subsequent period he, not forgetting them, sent tonics necessary for the promotion of their health and various prevention medicines and also labor protection materials including raincoats and boots.

He even provided all the necessary things when traveling the canal including meal and water jars. He even provided cars for them to take on their way back after their work of carrying rafts.

The rafters extended heart-felt thanks to the Chairman for taking care of their health and life with motherly love, and made repeated pledges to follow the Chairman to the end of the world.