Three Resuscitated Coal Miners

Chairman Kim Jong Il bestowed great loving care and solicitude on three coal miners in a coal mine who got third degree burn on August 5, Juche 64 (1975).

With third degree burn on 72-75 percent of their bodies and being out of conscience, the three coal miners were hovering between the life and death.

After hearing a report about the conditions of the three coal miners of the coal mine from relevant officials, the Chairman stopped his work. He stood from his chair and walked to and fro in the room for a while just as real parents far away from their children would worry about them when they are struck with bad fortune. He picked up a phone and summoned officials of the relevant field.

Therefore, under the concern of the Chairman, an emergency campaign to save the three coal miners from the jaw of death began.

Cars with competent surgeons aboard rushed to the airport and trucks laden with medicines for emergency use also rushed to the airport.

After learning that the bad weather prevented the flight of a civilian aircraft, the Chairman saw to it that an emergency measure was taken so that medical officials could go by a military plane.

In the subsequent period, the Chairman asked about the developments of the patients several times and made sure that active measures were taken.

Under the great loving care, the three coal miners were miraculously recovered from the jaw of death and became able to reliably defend the coal front.